Sunday, March 20, 2011

Retreat 2011

We had our overnight retreat last Wednesday, March 17 at Sto. Niño Spirituality Center - Consolacion. 

Departure from school.

Arrival at Consolacion.

The place is really far from "civilization"; in the middle of mountains. So the view is really great.

The view from our room.

Surrounded with trees.

All we see are mountains.


We were grouped into three persons per room. My room mates were Arlen and Tasha. The rooms were air-conditioned. The girl's rooms has its own CR too.

Roomies. Haha

Not really in to "writing" right now.. Sorry. So just keep up with these pictures.

With Arlen, Loueza, and Christian
Dropped by at "Chocolate Hills". Haha. Just kidding. Taken at the rooftop. 

At the Social Hall.

Group picture at the boys room.

"Hugging" session. Haha

At our terrace with RJ, Arlen and Tasha

Back at TC with Sir Lavs

Yey! Thank you for sharing the retreat experience guys. Sorry for everything I may have done that offended you. I love you all. Congrats to us! :) :) :)

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