Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family outing at Hadsan

Last July 3, 2011, some members of our big family got together at Hadsan Beach Cove. It was a pre-celebration (or was it post?) for my Godchild's birthday, and a send off too? Too bad though Lola wasn't able to come cause she easily gets tired on long trips. Nevertheless, it served as a bonding Sunday for us who came.

We convoyed from our place to the beach past nine and reached Hadsan just before lunch. There were quite a number of people when we got there. Once we were settled, put on some sunblock, took some shots, and off we go to take a plunge until late in the afternoon. So, I'll just close this entry with pictures since my beautiful *insert sarcasm here* cousin FINALLY uploaded the pictures on Facebook! Haha! 

Lunch time! What's a filipino gathering without the lechon? 
Sisters.. Auntie Racquel, Auntie Marisa, and Mother Dearest.
Meet my cousin, Banessa Mae aka Ban2.

Buried in the sand.. Relaxing. :)
Meet the culprits, they're the ones who buried me. :))
They buried Ban2 too and enhanced her breasts. Haha! 
Us running around the shore. Sand fight! :))

I really had a great time that day. Pigged out, bonded and enjoyed! 'Til next time!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Smart Gilas Experience

When I knew that the Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas were coming to Cebu (July 6, 2011) for a tune-up game against the Cebuano Ninos, I was really giddy and excited. I couldn't wait to buy my ticket and meet them especially my long time crush and idol, Chris Tiu.

So, I went with my friends Kim, Ron, Arlyn and Jan, and a few other colleagues. We were at courtside to have a better view of the game as well as to really meet them and take pictures. :)) The first one to go out of the dugout was Chris Tiu and his younger brother, Charles. I got soo starstruck-ed, I couldn't believe my eyes. Is he even real? Haha! Wow. He's sooo blessed with good genes.

Anyway, the game was pretty physical especially at the beginning. The Cebuano Nino's played rough and 'dirty' against the Smart Gilas team. Nevertheless, Smart Gilas won. Japeth Aguilar's dunks were crazyy!!! Wow. He's just unbelievable. I've been converted. Haha. I also got to meet my other idol, JV Casio. Sayang Lassiter wasn't there due to injury. :(

I really had a great time! Thank you Smart Gilas for coming to Cebu! And best of luck in your future tournaments. God bless.

Photo dump:
Chris Tiu 

Mac Baracael

Japeth Aguilar (blurryyy :( )

Japeth and Arlyn.. Haha. This pic is too funny. :))

The boys with Japeth. They look like dwarfs. 

with Andy Barocca

Andy Barocca

Dylan Ababou

Chris Lutz. Blurry again. :(

Marcus Douthit

Asst. Coach Charles Tiu

Coach Rajko Toroman

JV Casio

Friday, July 22, 2011

The hardest woman to love.

I recently read an article about women who grew up in broken homes. It says that those kind of women are the hardest to love since they expect the man to leave. Growing up in a broken home myself, I think there are really psychological effects on growing up without a father. All my life, I've always long for a father's love. I'm lucky I have a mother who raised me alone, provided me with everything I need but it's just different; I feel incomplete.

At school, I always envy my friends who are close with their fathers. I secretly observe them and daydream that my father will do the same for me. It's like you have a security blanket, you're assured no one will dare to hurt you cause you have a father who's looking after you. Some classmates even teased me, "wala kay papa" (you don't have a dad) and that really hurt me.

Maybe that's why I don't fully trust men. I'm afraid of commitment because I don't want to be left alone and get hurt. Yes, I got abandonment issues. I don't want to fully give my everything to someone, I always save more for myself so if ever I'll be left, I won't lose everything. I want to make the right choices before diving into relationships because I will always think about the future. I don't want my future 'children' to be like me who grew up in a broken home, without a father.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer 2011

I know it's late but I just want to blog about what happened during summer this year. :)

[26 April 2011] My summer kicked-off with an unexpected beach swimming in Punta Engano, Mactan. It was realllyyyy hot that day and it was noon time. I couldn't resist the sea inviting me to take a plunge amidst the scorching heat of the sun. Who am I to refuse? Haha.

Hot day, isn't it?
I just borrowed a shirt from my cousin. Totally unprepared.

Piggy Justin. Haha.
Tell me. Who could refuse this? :p

[30 April 2011] For the first time, Mama permitted me to go with my friends to go swimming at Tubod Flowing Waters, Minglanilla. I was really hyped that she said yes.:DD

Eating time.

Love birds.



Me with the monkeys.

Group shot 1

Group shot 2



James Bond? NOT!

Fun times
[06 May 2011] Camotes!!! Was finally back at Camotes after sooo many years. I just love the beach there.

So that was it for my Summer. Hope you enjoyed yours too as much as I did. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


March 25, 2011, the most awaited day of my life. Finally, it's the time to graduate! Yey!

Woke up really early though because our graduation starts at 7:30 in the morning (assembly time is 6:30am at CAFA lobby). I was a bit "mad" that morning 'cause I was running late. Drove the car like crazy until I arrive at school with Mama and Ate Elsa. Then, cameras were flashing everywhere, capturing every moment; the last days of our College lives. Special thanks to Jan, Arlen's boyfriend for being our photographer that day and also to Ate Elsa for doing my hair and makeup and for taking some shots too.

Group shot at the CAFA lobby while waiting for the program to start.

With the best friend, we're excited to march already!

Picture with Sir Lavin who is extremely tall. Haha

Started the program with a mass.
With Mama at the altar, after the mass.
My turn.

The Dean and Department Chairs of CAS (College of Arts and Sciences)

We're waiting for our turn. The Dept. of Computer Science is the last one to be called.

Getting my diploma from the Dean. He even fixed my cap on stage! Hahaha

Alumni Pledge

Showing off our "diplomas"

With the CS and Math graduates

We made it guys!

Hats off to the graduates of 2011!

Finally our moms met! The women behind our success!

Mama graduated too!

The best friend, the mother, and me

The best friend, her mother, and me

Ate Elsa and the graduates

With the lovers, Arlen and Jan

With Mama while waiting for our food to be served at Cafe Laguna.

Finally, I'm through!

The outfit. :))

To my fellow graduates and friends, we finally made it guys! College days may be over but the bond will always be there. I'm thankful to be sharing my college life with you guys. It will never be as fun and exciting without you! Congratulations to us again!

To Arlen, thank you for always being there for me throughout our College life. May our friendship continue to grow 'til the years to come. 

To Mama, I am more than thankful to you! Thank you for everything, for giving me my life and for supporting me all the way. My success is also your success. I may not say this always, but I love you Mama!