Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family outing at Hadsan

Last July 3, 2011, some members of our big family got together at Hadsan Beach Cove. It was a pre-celebration (or was it post?) for my Godchild's birthday, and a send off too? Too bad though Lola wasn't able to come cause she easily gets tired on long trips. Nevertheless, it served as a bonding Sunday for us who came.

We convoyed from our place to the beach past nine and reached Hadsan just before lunch. There were quite a number of people when we got there. Once we were settled, put on some sunblock, took some shots, and off we go to take a plunge until late in the afternoon. So, I'll just close this entry with pictures since my beautiful *insert sarcasm here* cousin FINALLY uploaded the pictures on Facebook! Haha! 

Lunch time! What's a filipino gathering without the lechon? 
Sisters.. Auntie Racquel, Auntie Marisa, and Mother Dearest.
Meet my cousin, Banessa Mae aka Ban2.

Buried in the sand.. Relaxing. :)
Meet the culprits, they're the ones who buried me. :))
They buried Ban2 too and enhanced her breasts. Haha! 
Us running around the shore. Sand fight! :))

I really had a great time that day. Pigged out, bonded and enjoyed! 'Til next time!

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