Monday, December 20, 2010

11 things for 2011

Found this cool site that generates random New Year's Resolution. Out of boredom, I tried it out and decided to have eleven random things to do in the year 2011.

This is easy! HAHA

Will do. :)

Think about what? Uhm, maybe future plans..

But but, I don't add strangers on FB!

I rarely get late! :P

I don't gamble. :)) But fine, I'll try to win it. Haha

I love this! Happiness everywhere!!

We don't have a garage!!! WAHAHA

Where to start? :P

Save Mother Earth. :)


Sunday, December 19, 2010

On commitment

But think about this. Deepening intimacy without defining a level of commitment is dangerous. It's like going mountain climbing with a partner who isn't sure she wants responsibility of holding your rope. When you've climbed two thousand feet up a mountain face, you don't want to have a conversation about how she feels "tied down" by your relationship. In the same way, many people experience deep hurt when they open themselves up emotionally and physically only to be abandoned by someone who proclaims he's not ready for a "serious commitment".
-Joshua Harris, I Kissed Dating Goodbye
I swear, every word in this paragraph helped me understand about the importance of commitment  in every relationship. No one wants to be abandoned and left out especially when much has been invested in the relationship. Committing without thinking and reflecting properly can only result to hurting yourself, the other person or both parties. That's inevitable.  
Put into simple terms, committing to someone is a big risk. You have to expect every possibility how you're relationship will turn out. Then comes, enduring all of it. The moment you signed up for it, there is no turning back. You already gambled on it. It will be great if you win, but what if you don't?  There's always two sides of the coin, remember? :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Morning 2010

Today, December 16, is the first morning of the Misa de Gallo (Rooster's Mass). It is one of the customs in the Philippines that being practiced for centuries.

This is my 8th year of attending the Misa de Gallo and I'm proud of it! For the first time, in 8 long years, I didn't attend mass in our parish, San Nicolas de Tolentino. Instead, I went to Redemptorist Church near Mango. We usually go there every Sundays with my family so the place isn't foreign to me. Their mass starts at five in the morning which is a bit late compared to other parishes that starts their mass at 4:30 am.

I was accompanied with my friend, Lyndon. He said it was his first morning mass but I doubt it. Haha. Since he arrived a bit late, we settled near the front door of the church. We were standing the whole time and fighting very hard not to sleep but instead be participative during the mass.. and we succeeded! (I guess.) :))

After the mass, we walked to Jollibee (Raintree Mall) to have breakfast. I had pancakes and he had a hotdog breakfast meal.  I lost my appetite after a few bites with the pancakes so he ended up eating it. Wahahaha.

Walked across Robinson's to wait for my jeep then we parted ways. I went home to change and get ready for work and I'm pretty sure he is now sleeping as I type this... :P

// Waking up early in the morning is not your thing. And you barely had two hours of sleep but still you went with me to church today.. So, for that, THANK YOU! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010


A few months back, a friend of mine tagged me on a note in Facebook about "50 things you probably don't know about me". There's a rule that once you get tagged, you're supposed to make one for yourself and the cycle goes on. Finally, I decided to make this but I rather post it here than in Facebook. :P

  1. I don't eat beef. :P
  2. I grew up in a broken family. My Mama raised me alone. 
  3. I envy watching other kids who are close with their fathers.
  4. I have naturally curly hair but as I grow up it eventually became wavy and close to being straight. (I curled it just recently out of boredom)
  5. I sometimes wish I had a younger brother/sister.
  6. I have half-siblings in my father's side but I only know one.
  7. I hate waiting!!!
  8. I can switch from good mood to a bad mood in a just a snap.
  9. I easily get irritated when I'm hungry or walking under the heat of the sun. I tend to be extremely quiet during this times.
  10. I am picky with food. :))
  11. I love surprises. 
  12. I'm such a loser when it comes to art. Haha.
  13. Food always cheers me up.
  14. ..But sometimes I can go on for a day or days without eating rice meal. 
  15. I really, really want to get rid of my last name.
  16. ..And I hate people calling me with my last name. Haha.
  17. I also hate people misspelling my name.
  18. My face is the fattest part of my body, I think. Hahaha.
  19. I secretly wish I had a nice nose. :)) My family used to call me "pislat" when I was a kid and I really get pissed.
  20. When I meet someone new, the first thing I notice or look at is their nose. I'm weird like that.
  21. I usually don't bring money when I'm out with my family. :P
  22. Before, I was really eager to drive but now I rarely drive. :))
  23. I am very ticklish. So please, for the love of God don't tickle me. HAHA
  24. When bored, I go to random people's FB or blog. Hahaha. Stalker?
  25. I am a big basketball fan. Haha. NBA: Boston Celtics. PBA: San Miguel Beermen.
  26. I started to watch tennis because of Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova.
  27. I switch channels everytime, and that usually irritates my Mama.
  28. I hate it when someone yells at me. It really pisses me of.
  29. I sometimes can be anti-social. There are times that I will just completely ignore someone at any given moment.
  30. There are certain persons that when I see them, it ruins my day. Haha. I don't know why. :))
  31. I basically know most of my classmates names. Haha. I'm observant. :))
  32. I laugh even at the smallest things. HAHA
  33. I can't do poker face. :| (..but I'm practicing)
  34. I've never been on an airplane.
  35. I can't sleep without a "tanday". :))
  36. I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer but I ended up with IT. 
  37. When I say I don't like you, I really don't like you. End of story.
  38. I rarely forgive and forget. :P
  39. I am a frustrated singer. Hahaha. I really wish I had a good voice. :))
  40. I used to be an athlete back when I was in Grade School; track and field. HAHA I remember winning the 400 or 800 meter dash. :))
  41. I love fries!!!
  42. I can spend my whole day reading. :)
  43. I love birthdays especially mine. HAHA 
  44. I'm not into powdered milks, only fresh milk. :))
  45. I sing and dance in the bathroom. Hahaha. My bathroom song is Forevermore by Side A. :))
  46. I tend to face the mirror while I'm brushing my teeth. :))
  47. Out of all the vegetables, my favorite is squash. 
  48. I don't eat okra!
  49. I have a phobia wearing real earrings since Grade five when my earrings got snatched inside our school. I cried a lot not because of the earrings but because I am afraid my Mama will get mad at me. Haha 
  50. I hate the word "chill".

Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Become Your Own Self

I'm turning 21 in six days. Wooot~!

Back when I was still a kid, I calculate years and imagine myself what will I become by then. If I remember it right, I thought that I am out of college and now working as a nurse or a teacher. I wanted to be a nurse before like my Auntie who lives in the States and a teacher like my Mom. I might also have a boyfriend by this time.

But as you can see, neither of the things I thought when I was a child happened. I am still in College. I am not taking up Nursing nor Education. And lastly, I am single. The old me might be disappointed by now but I'm happy on how things turned out.  It's funny when you're young and what you wanted was to pattern your life to someone else's; it might be one of your family members or other people who you look up to. But when you grow up and mature, you make your own decisions/choices and slowly you become your own self.

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