Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Become Your Own Self

I'm turning 21 in six days. Wooot~!

Back when I was still a kid, I calculate years and imagine myself what will I become by then. If I remember it right, I thought that I am out of college and now working as a nurse or a teacher. I wanted to be a nurse before like my Auntie who lives in the States and a teacher like my Mom. I might also have a boyfriend by this time.

But as you can see, neither of the things I thought when I was a child happened. I am still in College. I am not taking up Nursing nor Education. And lastly, I am single. The old me might be disappointed by now but I'm happy on how things turned out.  It's funny when you're young and what you wanted was to pattern your life to someone else's; it might be one of your family members or other people who you look up to. But when you grow up and mature, you make your own decisions/choices and slowly you become your own self.

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