Sunday, August 1, 2010

1st Week of August

My first week of August is a hectic one. -.-

It's my Grandmother's birthday on Tuesday. She's supposed to be admitted in the hospital today but she insisted not to and push through with her birthday celebration. On that day, her children and her co-teachers before will be eating out. I probably can't come with them because I have classes on 1:30pm. Tsk. Then there'll be a mini salo-salo at her place on the afternoon with the family. :)

We'll be passing our Case Study on August 5 and I haven't started with it! Haha! Yey for procrastination. I already have links for my references but I haven't laid out my thoughts on MS Word. Haay. I should start tomorrow morning. Promise. ;)

The day after that will be our Acquaintance Party, themed "The Celebration" 4:30pm at the Grand Convention Center. I have OJT that day; will probably duty in the morning then prepare for the party on the afternoon. I still don't have something to wear though. Haha! I'll go outfit hunting this week with Arlyn for sure. :D

Then on Saturday morning, we'll be having our first examination on our Software Engineer subject. Coverage will be from the beginning until the discussion last meeting. Gawwd. D:

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