Wednesday, September 22, 2010


[L-R: Kim, Arlyn, Me, Ron]

Since I haven't blogged for quite some time now and I can't seem to sleep tonight, I'll just blog about these guys in the picture. Heee. :3

They're my closest friends that I've met in College aside from Arlen that I've known way back in high school. I feel so blessed to have these persons to share my laughter, tears and what-not's about life. From the smallest things that make me laugh til the serious matters I deal with life. They really bring out the worst and best in me. Haha! I already said this on Facebook but I'll just say this again here, "Though I don't have the ONE, I'm still thankful to have you three."

Arlyn. As mentioned I met her way back in high school. We were classmates in our Freshmen year. We weren't that close before until our paths crossed again in College. She's my best friend and one that I can really consider as part of our family. I tell her just about anything and everything about my life. She's the long lost sister I never had. :P

Ron. The guy that keeps joking and laughing about the tiniest mistakes that you make. Haha. Before I always lose my temper when he jokes but now I kinda get used to it, I think. Though he seems to be happy and all but deep inside I  know he's not. Bwahaha. I really thought before when we were not yet friends, he's some serious guy who doesn't have a life and the guy with a poker face. Hahaha. But I was absolutely, WRONG!

Kim. The ideal guy who seems to be so good and all but gradually learns to be small-brained. Haha! Yes he is ideal for me since he doesn't have any vices aside from loving too much like Ron. Haha. I really thought guys were drama-less until I met them. :P He's a true example of a gentleman. No joke. I really wish that I'll meet someone with the same qualities as Kim. Haha!

Thanks for coming into my life! :)

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