Saturday, July 24, 2010

Orientation for Continuing Students 2010

Our department scheduled our long overdue Orientation for Continuing Students this morning. The announced schedule was 7:15 am but the officers responsible for the registration and everything arrived past 8:am. Ugh! I arrived at school around 6:45am! I hate them! It was still too early to ruin my day. Hahai.

We started the assembly with a mass officiated by Fr. Biton Jr. He's new in the University and was just ordained last December. Our department which is the Department of Computer Science is the newest department in the College of Arts and Sciences, the 14th department if I'm not mistaken. And to quote Fr. Biton Jr. from his homily, "You will not appreciate the beauty around you if you haven't seen the bad." True, isn't it?

After the mass was the orientation proper which I didn't find informative at all since the speakers were all in a hurry to finish their slides because time is running out. They only booked the CAFA Theater til 10:30am. Talk about proper time management. Blah! But there's one thing I learned though, starting next semester which is by the way my last one, the department will be requiring Enrollment folders now. The folder will contain the student profile, prospectus and a copy of the finals grade in order to enroll. No EF, No Enrollment. The BS IT is assigned with blue folders, we're like BSN students now.

Then Arlyn and I had siomai for lunch. We also had a glimpse of the grand finals of Showtime, local variety show of the ABS-CBN network. Then we headed back to school to wait for my afternoon class. But then our classmate announced that we will not be having a class today since the teacher is attending a meeting. Oh yeah! \m/

We decided to hang around for a while and wait for Kim to watch their tune up game later in the afternoon. But Kim was soo late! Out of boredom, Arlyn took pictures of me; SHAMELESS poses. HAHA! Almost passed out laughing! You'll gonna pay for it Arlen! Clyde came by too but only for a while since his UC buddies are waiting for him at their school. Then we were home bound. =)

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