Saturday, July 24, 2010

Starting again

Yehey for my new blog account! Haha. My thoughts have been wandering around the internet as we speak. I have various blog accounts and I haven't updated most of them. My last "active" account was on Tumblr but since I can't access it tonight, I decided to try BlogSpot. I see a lot of friends using this as their personal site for their rants and whatnot's. xD I hope Blogspot and I will have a harmonious blogging relationship. Haha! And also, Tumblr has been too crowded already.

Latest picture taken last night. [Apologies for the messy background. :p]

Oh wait! I almost forgot to introduce myself. The name is Mariane from Cebu, Philippines. On my last year of College at the University of San Carlos-Talamban. I'm dying to get out of school already! Haha! I'll just stop from here for the meantime. ;)

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