Saturday, July 24, 2010

Accidental Mail

Last week, I accidentally sent a blank mail to the whole OJTs in our company. Careless, I know. Thinking about the incident, still makes me laugh. Haha! Oh well, it's already done and I can do nothing about it, right?

I'm now haunted with a lot of "fans" (As what Arlyn, my best friend says, who happens to be in the same company as I am) pm-ing me and sending me mails. My inbox is already flooded with mails. The worst part is, I have no idea who they are! Some already know me, surprisingly. Haha! Isn't it unfair? :p

From now on, I'll brace myself from "unknown" and "unfamiliar" faces who'll smile or even strike a conversation with me from time to time at the canteen or at the common areas of the building. Haha. This is my fault, so I must suffer the consequences. Hahaha! But on a lighter note, it's also fun getting to meet new people (but not the weird ones, please!).

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