Thursday, November 11, 2010

/My life is kinda boring...

I've been singing that to myself since I arrived here in the office and I can't help but ask myself if it (my life) really is boring.. Uhmm.. I've been juggling work and school now since classes have already started this week. I am expecting to graduate five months from now. Yay!

School has already started last Monday and so far my teachers are kinda "boring" too or maybe because of the subject. I don't know, really. And also, I don't like all of my classmates. Hahaha. I miss our batch. Tsk! But anyway, I have nothing to do with them. I'm at school to learn and that is what I'm supposed to do and nothing else. Besides, I have Arlen with me all the time. We have our own little world at school. Hahaha!

Work is sometimes challenging and sometimes not. It really depends on what tasks our TL gives me. It is usually writing small programs to automate their process to make work efficient. Most of the time I don't have anything to do. That's what I least like here, no work. I just sit here and do other stuffs with the computer like surfing the internet. But hey, there are a lot of limitations in internet browsing here. For one, Facebook is blocked. Yes, it is blocked. Haha! Sometimes, other OJTs send me instant messages and when I feel like replying, I do and if not, I'm sorry. :p Can you guess who is my constant companion and chat mate here at work? Well, it is still Arlen. It's always Arlen. Haha.

After school or work we sometimes go to Ayala and just roam around, window shopping and then we're headed home. At home, I either watch television or surf the internet. I do the latter more like every night until I go to sleep. All day, I face the computer and I never get tired of it. Haha! Good thing, I took a computer related course which is BS Information Technology. :)

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