Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OJT General Assembly

We had our OJT General Assembly yesterday. The meeting was about having a Year End Party on December 18th (tentative date). Majority attended and voted to have the party inside the company premises, which I think is definitely boring. The agreed contribution for the party is 150php including the food which will be catered. And then, no exchanging gifts. How is that? Duh! 

I was picked as the representative from our school (thanks to Arlen) which is tasked to coordinate with the other representatives and event organizers and disseminate any updates regarding the party to my school mates; in that case, Arlen and Rag2. We are only three from USC here and the coordinator said that we'll be having a presentation per school during the party. Isn't that really unfair? I swear, I wouldn't perform for them. Hahaha!

With regards with the tentative date, I think Arlen and I can't make it. It's my Grandfather's birthday on that day and it's her brother's birthday too. If there are any chances that the party will be moved to an earlier date, then that would be fine. 

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